1. What’s the deal with the Lifestyle App? I thought you were doing mobile to DOOH advertising.

We are. But the Lifestyle App is meant to group various ads in such a fashion that it makes sense to consumers and provides relevant information to them. Plus DOOH advertisers come from all fields, would be a shame to discriminate.

2. Yes, but you talk about mobile to DOOH advertising, then you talk about tickets and other purchases. I am a bit confused! :)

Well here’s the thing. We have posters as core content in our app. And last century, posters were meant to provide information. With the digital age, you can add actions to these posters like selling stuff that you promote. This will make life easier for your customers and they will love you more :)

3. What about DOOH Network owners? Why would they give you their free space and why so cheap? Won’t they lose money?

Actually, we try to help the Network Owners also. See, we sell 24 hours, last minute DOOH advertising. Usually, if the networks did not sell this space, chances are they will never sell it thus with every unsold expiring space they lose money. With us, they have a chance to sell this scrap space and do some good for local businesses that can’t afford regular DOOH advertising. It’s a win win situation.

4. OK, makes sense. But what if, for the sake of argument, somebody decides to get naked and stream his nudity on the biggest billboard you have?

That would be something, wouldn’t it? :) But that won’t happen tho’, we do have a team that checks each and every image for illegal and indecent content. While it might create BIG BIG media buzz, we will not let such a thing happen.

5. But you sell 24 hours last minute Outdoor. What if I want more days?

Yes, we do sell 24 hour last minute Outdoor. And if you want your poster to run for more days on the Digital Outdoor Billboards, it's actually very simple. You open The Pole Society app, and on your poster tap the "Share" button. When the Share Menu opens up, tap on "Share Outdoor" and select the billboards and time-slots you want for your poster to run. It's like sharing your poster on Facebook, but much cooler! :)

6. What if I don't have an iPhone?

Don't worry, Android is almost here. And, very soon, you will be able to log in from the Website as well. We've got you covered.

7. What if I have some screens? Can I join in your Platform?

Sure thing! We'd love to have you aboard! Just drop us an e-mail at and we'll start from there. It's actually very easy to get your screens live!

8. You do a lot of payments. How secure is that?

We looked for the best partners to handle our Credit and Debit Card payments. That's why we set up a strategic partnership with Netopia Mobilpay and MasterCard Mobile. They make sure that every payment and Card details are secured and out of reach from harm!

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